With its white outer PVC membrane, characteristic dome shape, and clean lines, the South African designed and manufactured ZOdome marquee is an exciting new platform for brand activation campaigns aimed at exposing target audiences to “soul-of-the-product” experiences.

Formulated by ZenOne Production’s ZOdome team, SenseSurround Marketing takes the next step in immersing target audiences in full-effectexperiences at events where close interaction between consumers and their brands is of paramount importance.

New in South Africa and now available for rental in Gauteng and the central Provinces, the ZOdome’s unique interior – a white membrane against a white superstructure – is a dream canvas for lighting and display-tech designers: the seamless domed expanse showcases to best effect the most futuristic (brand) image and colour displays imaginable, and allows brand managers almost unlimited scope to present brands to best effect.

Persuading consumers, or allowing them the opportunity, to perceive or experience a (favourite or familiar) brand in a new light – to discover surprisingly new facets or characteristics of brand comfort, pleasure and satisfaction that were always present in the brand but were somehow not “noticed” before – and, therefore, arriving at a higher level of brand loyalty, is the core function of SenseSurround Marketing.

Supporting experience-based brand relationships and targeting customers who are open to “unconventional” experiences when they interact with favoured brands, or investigate starting a relationship with a new brand, the power of SenseSurround. Marketing lies in its total focus on assisting brands to stay ahead of the competition by constantly “irrigating” brand characteristics as a method of presenting customers with “complete experiences that cannot be copied”, or encountered via interaction with any other brand in the same category.

The ZOdome marquee’s powerful ability to generate visitors’ traffic – “event goers can’t resist entering and experiencing its interior landscape” – offers brand managers a unique combination of aesthetics and display-tech opportunities, and a commanding platform for the continuous advancement of brand loyalty through the SenseSurround Marketing experience.

ZOdome; a new force in brand activation in South Africa has arrived

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