As consumers become more eco-conscious, companies will go to ever greater lengths to present themselves as environmentally friendly. As a result, an increased number of local companies are taking on eco-friendly advertising materials, products and methods for their campaigns.

This fashion is growing locally as well with a significant number of South African companies fast adopting eco-friendly advertising materials, products and methods for their new campaigns.

Eco-friendly promotional materials carry a brand message as effectively as traditional materials. Greener materials provide the extra advantage of delivering a very powerful bonus message – one of environmental responsibility.

By incorporating recyclable material into advertisements, marketers have the chance to promote the brand image and reflect a positive impression among existing and probable customers, along with the repeated exposure of the organisation’s corporate identity.

Marketers are aware now more than ever, that consumers want to support companies who care for the environment. When people see that a company believes in protecting the environment it makes them feel better about using their goods and services.

Eco-friendly materials and technology are readily available to local marketers and it simply requires an organisational change in mindset and a top-down dedication to going green effectively.

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