2010 looks set to be a big year for online advertising with more companies invest resources into the fastest growing and now the largest sector UK advertising.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) revealed that social media spend was an increasing priority for advertisers to allocate resources to this year. In a further article from the IAB, research from consultancy and Exact Target revealed that two thirds of companies intend to boost their online advertising spend this year.

On average, 2010 will see companies spend 17% more marketing online than they did last year. Continuing its historically strong trend, paid search is expected to be the most popular form of online advertising this year, with 54% of marketers persuade by the excellent Return on Investment (ROI) of paid search.

Other investments this year will see an increase in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and 56% of marketers turning to the relatively unexplored avenue of mobile advertising.

With budgets remaining quite constrained this year, 30% of firms said they would be changing resources from other traditional marketing strategies such as print and TV advertising. The UK already has the chief proportion of online marketing spend in Europe, but with the predicted growth of advertising this year, online could account for over 25% of all advertising spend.

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