New Awareness eBook Unveils Early Survey Results Along With Exclusive Interviews With Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Cisco Systems, Dell Computer and Sodexo.

Awareness, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand social marketing software, today announced the availability of “Social Marketing Goes Multiplatform,” a new eBook based on early-stage results of a multi-client research study undertaken by Paul Gillin Communications earlier this year. Based on results of an online survey and in-depth interviews with marketers, this eBook documents the extent to which businesses of all sizes are adopting multiplatform social media strategies.

The first stage of the research, which is continuing throughout the first half of 2010, includes results of an online survey which offered an interesting glimpse into the perceptions of early adopters and their thoughts on the following:

•Social media adoption rates by year
•Favored platforms (e.g., blogs, social networks and online video)
•Social media platform effectiveness versus expectations
•ROI and metrics
•Social media spending plans over the next 12 months

The second stage of the report provides the results of several in-depth discussions with marketers who have experience with multiplatform strategies. Marketers from a mix of companies, including Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Cisco Systems, Dell and Sodexo, all discuss the value each business achieved from individual platforms, the metrics they each used to judge success and the insights businesses have learned from their early experiences.