Twitter, which has diligently avoided offering ad options for its popular micro-blogging site, is getting ready to roll out such a vehicle for marketers. At the same time third party vendors are doubling down on their separate efforts to monetize Twitter.

Search Ads on Twitter

Twitter is going to be linking ads on the site to search terms, according to the Wall Street blog AllThingsD.

There are some differences in the way Twitter is deploying the model made ubiquitous by Google, though the ads, which will be presented in chunks of 140 characters, will only show up in Twitter search results, BloggingStocks said. “Also, Twitter is pushing ads to third-party services that hook into its API, which will help the company capture some value from the 70% of its user base that doesn’t interact with Twitter will start with ad agencies and buyers, though it hopes to ape the Google approach sometime in the future.”

Mobile Market

At the same time third party companies continue to roll out platforms and partnerships designed to advertise on the site. The most recent is 140 Proof, which last month introduced an ad network targeted at Twitter. Now the company has announced it is integrating these ads with its new version of Hootsuite for the Android and iPhone. Users receive the ads as a tweet via the application – and are able to reply and ‘retweet’

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