Here are five great ways to get your brand name out there:

1. Give Away Something People Will Share with Others.
Instead of just giving away a freebie that has a one-time use, provide a valuable service or product that will get used or seen by other people. Free pens, free t-shirts and free gifts are great examples of things people use and expose to others.

2. Encourage Interactivity.
We are social creatures, everyone likes to be included. Encourage people to get involved with your business. Invite questions, ask for feedback, run a contest or sponsor events. For every person you make a connection with, you have created the opportunity to create a word-of-mouth campaign that stretches through to everyone they know.

3. Brand Your Digital and Print Communications.
If you type it, write it, or touch it… brand it. Leave evidence of your unique business identity everywhere you can. Your website, all your outgoing postal mail, and e-mail should include your business name or logo, your tagline, email address, website, phone number, and mailing address. A handy supply of business cards is a must any time you leave the office.

4. Share Your Knowledge.
Write informative articles and get them published.This is an especially powerful method of spreading your name. Publishing articles wherever possible that can be used as a resource tool, for example on the web or in a magazine, makes your brand more visible and remain available for years.

5. Make it Easy for Others to Honk Your Horn.
Word-of-mouth referrals are the best kind of exposure you can get. There’s nothing more powerful than a personal endorsement from a satisfied customer. Make it easy for people to tell their friends and family about your product or service. Try using an online referral form. This is a branding tool that every business should employ.

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