Make sure every cent produces results by allocating funds to internet marketing for your business through the World Cup, it is measurable and has proven to increase return on investment.

The Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –More than 80% of Web users click on the first listings

2. Keyword Research – Discover what words and phrases your customers are searching for online.

3. Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn – Social media marketing connects customers on a personal level, and can rapidly create buzz around a product, brand or business.

4. Video Marketing –In the universal search results, people tend to click on links with videos more than those without.

5. Online Public Relations – This builds credibility online, in the mainstream media and for potential customers.

6. Link Building – From the search engine’s point of view, a credible and popular site will have a lot of links pointing to it.

7. Blogging – Blogs provide additional site content (which search engines love) to disseminate information and tie in with social media.

8. Web Design– A good Web design will keep visitors on your site and sell them products or services.

9. Paid Search Marketing – Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an extremely targeted tactical strategy.

10. Email Marketing – Nurture new and old relationships. Send good offers and valuable information that is customised to their needs.