Use Mobile Marketing as a tool for instant communication with your consumers via mobile or cellular devices. With mobile marketing, not only are the marketing messages easy to create but they are sent directly to the recipients within a few seconds – instant direct marketing.

For example you could send text messages letting customers know about special discounts and offers. This form of mobile marketing allows businesses to not only expand their business, but also to build stronger relationships with existing customers.

Here are some ways to include mobile marketing in your business strategy:

Create a ‘mobi’ version of your website

Mobi sites are websites that are optimized for viewing on a mobile phone. This is especially useful to customers that don’t have access to the internet on a computer.

Mobile marketing via SMS/text

Marketing on a mobile phone has become popular ever since the rise of SMS/text messages. It has become a legitimate advertising channel.
Text messaging is a personal, instant link between you and the consumer.

Mobile marketing via MMS

MMS mobile marketing can contain a timed slideshow of images, text, audio and video. This mobile content is delivered via MMS (Multimedia Message Service).

In-game mobile marketing

Brands are now delivering promotional messages within mobile games or sponsoring entire games to drive consumer engagement. This is known as mobile advergaming or Ad-funded mobile game.