The Johannesburg Tourism Company (JTC) has launched its interactive marketing and brand opening campaign, Joburg Rocks, for the city during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In line with its tactical objectives – which include revolution, increasing visitor spend, stay and geographic spread – the campaign positions Johannesburg centre stage to leverage off the event. It includes a call to action, inviting participation and co-branding opportunities with those in the tourism, travel and hospitality sectors.

Three campaign objectives

• Position and elevate the profile of Johannesburg and its key products to core target markets both nationally and internationally;

• Increase both domestic and international tourism flow to Johannesburg. As flights now become cheaper and more accessible, this national campaign will specifically target domestic visitors to the City.

• Secure maximum return on investment for all JTC shareholders and sponsors, so that they can benefit from this exciting seasonal promotion

In the end, the overall campaign objective is to offer both national and international visitors, as well as locals, with an excess of options and appeal that they can experience whilst in Joburg.

After a 90 minute game, everyone needs to ‘Rock in Joburg’ and experience the variety the country has to offer, firsthand! Joburg offers vibrantcy, warmth and pride! To position Joburg accordingly, ‘Joburg Rocks’ is partnering with players in the business, tourism and hospitality sector to thrive in intensifying the brand even more!

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