The Nielsen Company and Facebook today released a report which reveals that online advertising within a social context increases campaign effectiveness.

By utilizing a social context potential customers are more likely to take notice, the findings indicated.

According to Nielsen this is clear evidence that ads incorporating authentic social context have a greater effect than standard display adverts and result in increases in individual brand metrics.

The research shows a positive increase in effectiveness for ads that include social context; these include endorsements from online friends displayed within the advertising text.

“Almost universally, companies try to create and nurture brand advocates. We now have evidence that sites like Facebook can help achieve that. However, it’s different than buying standard online media,” explains Jon Gibs, vice president of media analytics for The Nielsen Company.

“It’s critical we understand advertising in terms of the impact of paid media, but also in terms of how earned media and social advocacy impact campaigns.”

“Ads with social context can be powerful drivers of brand advocacy and ad effectiveness,” said Sean Bruich, Measurement Research, Facebook. “Nielsen has created a consistent framework to measure the effectiveness of ads and organically shared content on Facebook. We think this is powerful new data for marketers.”

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