What’s The Difference Between Corporate And Promotional gifts?

This is a common mistake made by a lot of companies that can cause friction with loyal and long-time clients.

The fact of the matter is that promotional gifts and items are used for the express purpose of advertising and building brand recognition and awareness. More often than not, promotional items are such baskets as pens, t- shirts and other cheap baskets that take the form of promotional giveaways at events, an anniversary or to draw attention to the launch of a new product.

Corporate gifts, on the other hand, are usually high quality items given to important clients, especially loyal clients or business partners and employees as a sign of gratitude and recognition of a job well done.

A corporate gift should always be a quality gift, perhaps a good bottle of wine, branded with the company logo or baskets of luxury perfumed soaps and toiletries. Whatever the case, the difference between corporate and promotional gifts is one of class. Corporate gifts have it, promotional gifts don’t need it.

Why Use Promotional Gifts?

Promotional gifts, while being the “budget option”, are far from inferior to corporate gifts for the purposes of the business giving these baskets away.

Promotional gifts are a powerful and cost-effective way of spreading awareness of your brand to your target market, giving them a look in on who you are and creating a distinct image in their minds of your company.

The reason promotional gifts are cheap by comparison to corporate gifts is simply that they are used for mass distribution to spread awareness of your business as far as possible. The trick is to find a company that produces quality promotional items for wholesale, baskets that at least carry the appearance of high quality in order to give your target market the best possible impression of your company.

When To Implement Corporate Gift Giving

The quality and sense of occasion inherent in a well-chosen corporate gift should be reflected by the frequency with which they are given.

Corporate gift giving should be reserved for special occasions; they should not be thrown around at random and without thought. Christmas , promotions, the completion of a big deal or project or as a “thank you” for a job well done are all good examples of when to bestow a quality, unique corporate gift on a valued employee or client.

corporate gifts represent appreciation and gratitude for the loyalty or dedication of the recipient. It’s hard to feel appreciated when receiving a gift that is given out too freely to too many people.

When choosing corporate gifts for people, always consider the question of, “what gift should I get?” very carefully. corporate gifts are always best if they are personal, if in some way the recipient’s personality is reflected through the nature of the gift.

Which One Is Better, Corporate Or Promotional?

Comparing corporate gifting to promotional gifting is like comparing apples and oranges. Neither one is necessarily better than the other; they both simply fulfill different roles. They each work well in the role for which they were each developed, but if you try to use them in the other’s role they’ll fail miserably.

Your best bet for either type of gift is to find a reputable and credible gifting company and seek their advice, listen to their ideas and their different gifting offers and take it from there.

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